Low Power Reading Glasses

$US 24.95 Low Power Reading glasses

We started out trying to help individuals who did not normally require glasses BUT have found that many customers wanted low power lenses as they needed some correction but not as much as “drug store” readers would provide. 

We started by assembling glasses with a full range of lens strengths but are finding it difficult to keep up with the workload. SO we are not providing the same high quality frames and lenses at a lower price but only in +.25, +.50, and +.75 Diopter strengths. Since off the shelf readers start at + 1.0 diopter we are now offering low power reading glasses with the added benefit of aspheric and anti-reflective coated lenses with a very light green tint!

We have tried to provide the highest quality and certainly the widest range at the low power end with .25D, .50D, or .75D diopter lenses available in these rimless reading glasses. If you have any suggestions for improvements please send your suggestions. As one of the first boomer generation I know reading glasses are a fact of life. I hope these low powered rimless reading glasses can meet your requirements.

An aspheric lens or asphere is a lens whose surfaces have a profile that is neither a portion of a sphere nor of a circular cylinder. This can not only cut down on spherical aberrations but also permit the use of a thinner lens. In conventional lens designs, a slight distortion is created when you look away from the center of the lens — whether your gaze is directed to the left or right, above or below Aspheric lens designs reduce or eliminate these distortions for a wider field of view and better peripheral vision.

While lens tints always lower light levels and this can narrow the field of view we find that the very very light green tint present due to the anti-reflective coating has been very favourably commented on by our customers.

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