Fitting and Care

Lenses: These are treated to provide improved scratch resistance BUT they are still plastic lenses and should not be placed “lens side down” on dirty or abrasive surfaces. Treat them like any other quality optical product. The Anti-Reflective coating does make them require cleaning more frequently. Clean with a lens cloth to extend the life of the lenses or wash with warm water and mild detergent.

Frames: These are constructed of optical grade extremely flexible stainless steel and should not require any maintenance during normal use. They can be “bent” if necessary to obtain a correct fit but you might want to drop into an optician’s if more than a very minor adjustment is needed.

Rimless Design: The light weight does come at some decreased ruggedness. Not fragile but putting stress on the small holes drilled in the lenses by twisting the temples unnecessarily or trying to bend wires without holding securely in pliers can result in cracks in the lenses. Storing in a hard case is recommended.

Nose Bridges and Pads: The pads are on flexible stainless steel wire extensions that permit very simple adjustment to get the proper height of the lenses and a comfortable fit on your nose. It may take some playing around but you should not break anything moving the nose pieces around.

Hint: Moving the nosepads inwards slightly will give more clearance for those with long eyelashes.

We do stock replacement parts at reasonable cost should disaster strike but for things like replacing nose pads it might be faster to drop into an optical outlet to avoid mailing expenses.

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