Computer Glasses – 0.25D to 0.75D lenses

Computer Eyeglasses for People with Normal Vision
Computer Eyeglasses with +.25D to +0.75D Lenses
Computer Reading Glasses used with Contact lenses 

Computer Eyeglasses for People with Normal Vision

Wearing properly designed computer glasses is recommended for many individuals even though they do not normally require eyeglasses. These rimless frames have only a +.25 Diopter add power compared with over the counter reading glasses that start at about + 1.0 Diopter. The idea is not to add magnification (although a slightly enlarged image is presented) but to move your eye’s focal point closer without using your eye muscles for accommodation.

The anti-reflective coatings on these lenses is similar to what you see on the front of good quality binoculars. A greenish or purple reflection can be seen if you look at the computer glasses from the front. When worn you have a very, very light green tint that helps increase contrast on the monitor screen.


Computer Eyeglasses with +.25D to +0.75D Lenses

Even if your normal vision does not require correction for everyday tasks you may find that long hours spent viewing a computer screen causes considerable eye fatigue. Aside from poor lighting, dry air, dust and other environmental effects the fact that your eyes just do not like focusing at the distance where the computer monitor is normally located.

I must point out that the use of eye drops to lubricate the eye AND taking frequent breaks (every 15 minutes) to look out at a distance and blink your eyes more frequently is probably going to give you as much relief as wearing computer reading glasses. The problem is that few people will keep up with this routine.

This rimless computer eyeglasses design was chosen to present a sleek and modern look while remaining strong and durable enough for office use. Since you do not normally wear glasses we feel that the lightest and most comfortable computer glasses possible are essential.

These computer reading glasses for normal vision are made to the same high standard as normal optical glasses. The lenses not only have an anti-reflective coating but also have aspheric lenses. The use of aspheric lenses not only provides a thinner lens but also clearer peripheral vision and permits fitting to a wide range individuals without requiring different sizes of nose bridges. (Pupillary Distance)

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Computer Reading Glasses used with Contact lenses

There are many contact lens wearers who can get by without bifocals for close up work but find that the lack of eye lubrication while viewing a monitor for long periods causes problems. Establishing a routine of looking away from the screen and blinking can help with this problem. If eyestrain from monitor viewing is not just caused by a lack of “tearing” then these glasses might just help. It would be worth checking with your optometrist about the use of a .25 add to your prescription for viewing a monitor at 23″ or whatever the distance is to your own monitor. Perhaps these computer eyeglasses could provide some benefits here as well.

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