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My name is Nick Cressman, I am the owner and operator of EyeFatigue.

Having held many positions over the years, most of which had me in front of a screen all day, and after feeling the effects of CVS in my twenties, I certainly saw the need for a way to combat it.

I’m also a video game enthusiast, and wasn’t impressed by the ‘gaming’ glasses.

Following the retirement of Phil, I took over operations for EyeFatigue in January 2016. It is my pleasure to continue the business, and strive to offer the strongest customer service possible. I’m not happy until you’re happy.


One of my most enjoyable tenures was as a research officer with the Canadian Forces Institute of Aviation Medicine and then the Defense and Civil Institute of Environmental Medicine. I never did lose my interest in solving problems with as simple a solution as practical.

My work as a Human Factors Engineer was primarily concerned with Aviation Safety but I did get involved in programs as diverse as developing combat glasses for the army. My experience in researching white out conditions in the high Artic was less successful.

My increasing age and spending upwards of 12 hours a day on the computer has certainly brought new meaning to the word “eye fatigue”. I did get two different sets of prescription glasses custom fit one for the office and another for laid back surfing at home at a longer distance from the monitor. I got along without special lenses for years but sure would not go back now!

I could not understand why there were no “off the shelf” solutions to providing appropriate Computer eye glasses with prescription lenses. Further research has confirmed that there is no risk involved if the user chooses the incorrect prescription as these will not cause any physical harm (since in the worst case the consumer will simply stop wearing them due to discomfort).


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