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EyeFatigue.com offers computer glasses for people who may or may not normally require vision correction that reduces the most common causes of computer vision syndrome.

We also provide information about how to reduce eye strain while at the computer and convenient online ordering for computer glasses.

Computer Glasses

Computer glasses refers to the use of special eye glasses to reduce eye strain from viewing computer monitors. Many sold have only inexpensive tinted lenses. Our light and modern high-flex stainless steel rimless computer glasses frame set a new standard. All lenses have anti-reflective coatings. With a very slight add of +.25 Diopters these bring in the focal point enough to relieve some eye muscle strain and the anti-reflective coating does cut down on glare while imparting a very, very slight green tint! We also carry .5 diopter and .75 diopter lenses with the same anti-reflective coating if you need low power reading glasses. After three years of customer feedback we have changed over to rimless frames that have hinged temples. This makes the glasses much easier to store and transport while adding little in terms of weight!

Computer Glasses$24.95 Computer Glasses Enhance Normal Vision
(+.25 Diopter add)

$24.95 Low Power Reading Glasses
(Select Lens from +.5 Diopter & up)

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Design Considerations

computer-glasses-01Our solution is to provide low powered rimless reading glasses with ultra light frames and permitting the selection of lenses to match each eyes requirements. If you do wear reading glasses you will find that a lower power is needed for computer use and these are not readily available over the counter. Of course the lowest power in reading glasses would be at .25 Diopters. Not really for reading but for that intermediate distance of between 22 inches and 30 inches to your computer monitor. Both our “Computer Glasses for Normal Vision” and our Low Power Reading Glasses have anti-reflective coatings on the lenses our lenses are also aspheric to provide better vision!

There is a very slight green tint imparted by the anti-reflective coating. The eye is most sensitive to the green wavelength of light so this tint will actually improve acuity and contrast a bit while having a very low amount of effect on color variation. Yellow tints, in comparison have a strong impact on color perception.

The Best Possible Solution, from the optical supply system, is of course computer glasses made to your exact prescription and workplace setup. Unfortunately the cost is often very, very high and it is difficult to ensure you obtain exactly the Rx and lens coatings and design (bifocal, progressive, which manufacturer)

Of course you must be prepared to work out the corrections required by following our advice in selecting a set of step diopter lenses to provide the proper computer glasses for your Rx and workplace distances.


Anti-Reflective Coatings

While A/R coatings do require more frequent cleaning the coating also increases scratch resistance.

Glare, when referring to computer use really refers to light intensity higher than that of the monitor that acts as visual noise and affects the eyes ability to focus clearly on the monitor.

All our lenses have A/R coatings!


Tinted Lenses

Tinted Lens to cut down on excessive blue light spectrum:

Yellow tints have the most effect on reducing BLUE light but also have a strong effect on color perception.

Anti-Reflective coatings by themselves do quite well at reducing Blue Light from glare and the slight green tint on our lenses does cut down on some of the blue light spectrum.


Reading Glasses

Reading glasses normally start at + 1.0 Diopter and for the distance to a computer screen you would need a lower strength than for reading. Cheap frames and variation in interpupillary distance can also result in eyestrain.

Our low strength reading glasses of +.50 or +.75 diopters use high quality frames and are fitted with aspheric lenses to provide clear vision even when the pupils are not centered on the lenses. Of course the anti-reflective coating is also a major advantage and the slight green tint produces a slight advantage in contrast and acuity along with cutting some of the blue light spectrum.

*An aspheric lens or asphere is a lens whose surfaces have a profile that is neither a portion of a sphere nor of a circular cylinder. This can not only cut down on spherical aberrations but also permit the use of a thinner lens. In conventional lens designs, a slight distortion is created when you look away from the center of the lens — whether your gaze is directed to the left or right, above or below Aspheric lens designs reduce or eliminate these distortions for a wider field of view and better peripheral vision.


Progressive Lenses

Progressive lenses are often prescribed for use in Computer Eye Glasses.

Aside from costing more than normal lenses these require very careful prescriptions and fitting of the eyeglasses for comfortable wear AFTER an adjustment period. They are not suitable for made to wear.


Frames for Computer Glasses

Selection of a comfortable frame and one which style appeals to you will add to your enjoyment and you will then use the computer glasses at work.

We chose a rimless design due to the low weight and easy of putting on and taking off at fairly frequent intervals. Use in an office setting lets us pay a little more attention to appearance and less to the ruggedness of the frame structure.

We use optical grade high-flex stainless steel temple arms for our glasses. At a retail outlet you would have a very difficult time finding a frame of equivalent quality at close to the cost of our assembled computer eyeglasses.

We went to a hinged temple arm after many customers requested this style for ease of carrying from place to place. We also switched over to a screw and nut assembly so that IF any looseness occurs tightening up is a simple process. (There are small washers under each screw and nut present)

Take a look at our page on Computer Vision Syndrome to get more information on how to reduce eyestrain through workplace improvements. Our links page also has a number of sites listed with comprehensive discussions.

CVS Details


Do It Yourself

Now comes the homework! The only way to get a pair of our computer glasses, which match your requirements, is when you order AFTER finding out what your existing add prescription for each eye is! We have some fairly simple directions to assist you in determining which lenses to choose.

Selecting Lenses for your Computer Glasses.

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